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David Hevel  San Francisco, CA

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About David

We are flooded with this detritus providing us with a convenient distraction from important issues of life. Growing up in rural, mid-America where television is a dominant force, has led pop culture to be a central characteristic of my work. Pop culture transcends race, class, politics and geography. Everyone knows of Britney Spears. Equally decadent and artificial are taxidermy and faux flowers. I see these artifacts as preserving heroism freezing a moment of manhood. It’s a kind of bragging right of one’s command over nature.

Although the work is not intended to be hypercritical of celebrity lives, I do hope to create a space for humorous dialogue about the subject. In bringing these sculptures to life, I hope to take a snapshot of a moment in time addressing the complexity of the American experience in an entertaining fashion.

So often contemporary art is inaccessible to a general audience and the art world upholds an esoteric dialogue over one understood by the masses. I hope to make artwork whose subject is common enough to invite everyone. Celebrities are just the protagonist for such a goal.

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"Dave? A voice from your past. I think this might be the right artist who we used to know in Mid Missouri. If so ... I have greetings to you from several here and of course, from my family. I enjoyed this page very much! Made me smile. God bless Esther"

"That is way you sell them anywhere on the web? I just love it all!Cheers, Julie"

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