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Isaac Salazar  Artesia, NM

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About Isaac

Isaac Salazar has no formal art education, but stumbled upon his outlet by way of a book of origami art. This book, he recalls, made him wonder if it was possible to create word-based designs, akin to the Reader’s Digest Christmas trees he had seen and admired.

He began with simple letters and then moved on to increasingly more complex typefaces. Depending on the intricacy of the letters, each artwork takes anywhere from a day to two weeks each to complete, using only basic arithmetic and an exacto knife as he does. He derives his inspiration from the content of the material he is working with. For example, he carved a recycle symbol on Robert Lamb’s A World without Trees.

An advocate of alternative energy and recycling, he rarely uses new books, but opts instead for books that may otherwise go to waste. He cuts, folds, and slices carefully, so as to preserve the books’ integrity. Recently, he has ventured into logos and symbols—an area he would like to pursue further.

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"Dear Veronica and Isaac! My name is Valery Burov, I live in Russia. I am a book artist and curator of the projects associated with it. In October we are opening a new International Exhibition. We invite you to participate. Details on site (the site is not finished yet).All the best. ValeriAll the best. Valeri"

"Can I post your photos on tumblr if I credit you, Isaac??"

"Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I love who you spelled words with it! It really gets you imagination going:)"

"awesome job,your work on ''a'' word is incredible."

"very cool"

"Yours is a truly a creative form of art, one which I have never seen. As has been stated above, I, too, wish I had funds to purchase one, if, in fact, they are for sale?"

"wow!!! my mouth dropped wide open!!!! this is so freaking cool!!! i can't even imagine how much time it takes?? so talented!!! i wish i could afford to buy the create one!!!!! thanks for sharing your talents!!!!"

"This is WONDERFUL. What other use do we have for books now? In the digital age, they are just things. yet, they are still books- full, abundant and inspiring."

"my 3 favorite things -- art, creation, and books."

"really cool like it a lot"

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