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Gail Dawson  San Francisco, CA

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About Gail

Gail Dawson received an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin, in 2000. Her work explores the interference of media with images, and time and motion. She works between mediums, translating video to paintings and drawings, and paintings and drawings to video.

In 2003, Dawson was appointed a tenure-track to teach painting and new media at San Francisco State University, while she also lectured at Texas State University. The recipient of grants from the Dallas Museum of Art and the City of Austin, her work has been exhibited in group shows and several solo shows in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.

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"Hi! my name is pamela a student at Bowling Tech College getting a degree in Business which is challenge experience for me.But as i look at this piece of art its very unique it sort of reminds me of how my life has always been a clutter of paper that was hard to get rid of and now that ease is off of my life. Thank u friend great azt work!"

"Cubism refreshed and energizrd as eco-romantic revival."

"very abstract and brilliant! similar colors that come together in small pieces cretes that 3D effect that can also be found on the canvas of pacaso!"

"Wow so COOL! :D :) I love it so much love picture and painter WOW!"

"What a fantastic and useful site! Love the artist today"

"Image # 1: In bed beside an ever-moving wall of sadness, where some how bits of joy seep out. Image # 2: Where have all the books gone?"

"It's abstract quality makes it interesting to look at, which is always something an artist should strive for. The art makes me think of the wasted materials what with the broken, discarded planks of wood objects. It makes you wonder how many trees would be saved if an amount of wood like this could be saved. I would love to see these in a sculpture too, using only trashed and discarded wood materials. Taking what would be trash and giving it new life is the best way to make eco-friendly art."

"A very enertaining work. The most brilliant use of line and color I have seen in a while."

"Your innovative work is really great. Thank you!"

"i really like these peices ...they are so cool ... you can't even tell if they are truely paintings or solid objects..."

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