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Tristan Henry-Wilson  Nashua, NH

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About Tristan

Hailing from the forlorn reaches of New England, visual artist Tristan Henry-Wilson works his unique magic with consummate flair and a knowing ease. A steady go-to illustrator for many popular music bands and magazines, he has quickly become a regular presence throughout online and print media. However, despite his growing success in illustration, Tristan still labors away for days on end with a feverishly beatific glint in his eye and an oil-paint dabbed brush in his hand, causing some to cite him as a rising personality in ‘Nueu American Painting.” One thing is clear: this man has his finger jammed on the pulse.

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"The two pieces of art are both so very presented. They show an accommodation of serene."

"Love them both. Desperation of the first, sensuality of the second."

"Wow very beautiful, and I might even say they are a bit seductive...."

"Feels comfortable"

"Love the solitude look....."

"very nice work, hugo"

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