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James Naccarato  Long Beach, CA

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About James

James Naccarato was born in Kingston, New York and raised in California. At a young age, he took a strong interest in 16th and 17th Century classical painting, cubism, and surrealism. Growing up, Naccarato was inspired by California culture and identified with street art, comics, and various underground art movements. He attended the Laguna College of Art and Design where he studied Fine Art and Illustration and developed his signature style of painting. Naccarato is known for his colorful and playful creatures who often have a fictional quality to them, and at the same time feel very natural, organic and possibly preternatural — perhaps even ‘real.”

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"exactly what i was looking your ideas!"

"Wow ,its awesome to see how far you've come with your style . Amazing !"

"its nice to see ur still following ur passion. your work is amazing. its organic & fantasy wrapped in one :)"

"Its like looking at a modern collaboration between Ernst and Dali. Visually satisfying!"

"It's definitely from another world but which one. Great imagination and talent!!"


"I love you and am so proud of you"

"The felling easily becomes your internalized fears, cheers, aspirations.........very DAli ish......"

"This artist must have been exposed to Dali in the womb...crazy cool stuff!"

"No water colors, all oil!!"

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