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Chrissy Angliker  Zurich, Switzerland

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About Chrissy

Chrissy Angliker was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and raised in Greifensee and Winterthur. Aged sixteen, after years of study under the Russian artist Juri Borodachev, she moved to the United States. There she studied Fine Art at the Walnut Hill School and eventually received a degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute.

During her studies Angliker designed everything from furniture and lighting to displays and branding. After receiving numerous awards for her designs, in 2008 she shifted her focus to painting.

Angliker sees her paintings as made up of three elements, each representing chaos or [artistic] control. Control is represented by colour and marks, but the drips facilitate more truth than is possible under control—they allude to the chaos in each subject.

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'Eye Contact'


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"Wow. I love your design for the snowboard , just got it last winter! Amazing stuff"

"love the complex composition of color"

"i love this i tried to something similar in a couple of paintings about time, representing dripping candles but i could never satisfy myself and i always ended up over painting and eventually abandoning. these pictures capture it beautifully and don't over do it. fantastic"

"love the technique but the woman is quite disturbing in my opinion. i try to focus on more positive things because in todays society there is a lot of negativity"

"This painting was so touching it pours of the feeling insde of me now. Very strong emotions"

"The painter made those painting come alive."

"Patiemt, brilliant and beautiful."

"True art. Free (illusion?) and absolutely beautiful!"

"Amazing i admire your art work. Ilove the cool unique technique you used for the paintings. Its Marvelous."

"i love how the drips fall on the picture, but not in the picture, because then it would be hard to varify the painting itself. Extrodinary talent and creativity, this style of painting is new and diverse. I wish i could create things as gorgous as this."

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