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Heidi Lender  Garzon, Uruguay

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About Heidi

Heidi Lender was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1966. She reported on the fashion universe for national glossies, until in 2008 she picked up her first digital SLR and retired her pen forever in favor of pictures.

Lender promotes the idea that wardrobes betray who we are or who we purport ourselves to be. We explore different aspects of our individuality in what we choose to wear, consciously or not.

Her own clothes and accessories are on display in a series of self-portraits titled Once Upon, but through the omission of her face, Lender is able to disassociate herself.

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'On The Road'


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"Both of the images are important and speak to the women's issues. depicted as searching inside herself and outside herself for something. First one the old truck she is soul searching. very impressive and the second she is trying to see herself in a mirror, not having a full length mirror she had to stand on furniture to see her skirt and shoes. lots to think about in these images. Bravo to the artist."

"Obviously the person in the driver's seat is wondering whether or not they unplugged the iron."

"I love both pieces of work and love your attention to detail. Both are very well done. I especially like the detail with the water on the windshield. I like the other people who have commented do not see any reference to suicide. Wonderful work in my opinion."

"Love the detail in the windshield. The water is almost perfect and the slight marks in the windshield stand out wonderfully. Do not necessary see any reference to suicide in either painting. Really love the detail in the painting of the car with someone inside. Loved your attention to detail."

"You captured a raw emotion that pierces your heart. Your colors are amazing. The rust in the car just adds to it in a wonderful way. Great work."

"I really like her artwork. It seems simple and nice."

"I just wanyed to say I felt the artist was trying to get accross 2 differant feelings that sometimes we have we are torn between several differant situations in our lives and I think this artist captured this...Good Job,, Well Done!!!"

"Shelly, I thank you for the insight, you have made me re think the whole perspective. Well, one thing for sure is that this is thought provoking, and that is always wonderful!"

"He looks like I feel knowing I spent way too much on Christmas..."

"In my opinion, the top one makes you feel like a little sad but like your watching him, making it super realistic, while the bottom one makes you wonder about the person's personality. Like, is she nice or is she mean? Does she have another side to her? Overall, I think they're awesome."

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