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Joey Parlett  Brooklyn, NY

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About Joey

Joey Parlett draws using ordinary materials, such as gel pens and ink. These materials lend his work a sense of immediacy and preserve his creative process from start to finish, including any experimentation and errors.

His completed works are sprawling battle fields of conflicting information. References to American classics, folklore, online image searches, pop culture and politics sit side by side democratically and all compete for the viewer’s attention.

‘In many ways, this mirrors the experience of American culture,’ remarks Parlett, who is known to counterbalance a heavy social commentary with a lighthearted reference, or a recurring character such as Beardman.

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quirky, i like it:)

The art and architecture just flow together seamlessly! Very, very creative artist!

These are mind-bogglingly detailed; I love how everything in your work is there for a purpose.

The drawings are so intricate and weird that I want to enter them and walk around inside them. If you haven't, I suggest visiting the artist's website and look at more of his works via the menu on the left. At the bottom is a link named "Animations". Watch the video of "House that Joe Built". It's art in itself.

I love the way that thing are 3-d looking. I draw the same way, but you are much much better!!! I love it!

Iam getting another cup of coffee and look at this work. I dont want to dismiss it.

Amazing this reminds me so much of the movie Howl's Moving Castle!! :]

Great--like Terry Gilliam, Rube Goldberg and M C Escher rolled into one!

wonderful! wonderful! 5 stars!!!!

Interesting conceptually and in technique. I tend to agree with Mr. Lowden's critique in bringing to mind the names of Rube Goldberg and Ambrose Bierce. I might also call to mind some comparison to R. Crumb in some of of the drawing's technique and in its socio-political bite or sting. I think you've got a lot of developing to do yet, but are on your way. I certainly enjoyed the work, "Finger Face."

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