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Danijela Vitasovich  Seoul, South Korea

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About Danijela

Danijela Vitasovich was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She received a BFA from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in 2004, before moving to South Korea.

In her current home of Seoul, she has created a peculiar series of photorealistic oil paintings, each portraying different personae of the same person.

Vitasovich acts as her own model, but she doesn’t consider her paintings self-portraits. Not in the traditional sense, at least: ‘The women you see in my paintings aren’t me. They are me in parallel universes, or twins I never had. They are hypotheses or echoes of me.’

Her work has been exhibited both in New Zealand and Korea.

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"absolutely stunning"

"i love the second one..!"

""Shock! Horror! (extrovert & introvert)", 2005 is spellbinding. I could study it for hours and hours.Your work is fascinating, stunning, and absolutely brilliant!"

"Wow, this is a great achievement, Danijela. This is the tip of the iceberg. There will be many more I'm sure. Your family always knew you would achieve fame. Your most ardent supporters, your Mum and Dad, are so proud of all your art work and especially that you have been selected to be the "Artistaday" artist December 22 2010."

"(I can't find the goldfish) gv"

"the image with the child is very interesting. Though it is my firm belief that the meaning in a work of art can only be found in the minds of those who view it, I wonder what the artist meant to communicate. I am often asked this of my own work and am unable to make a straight answer. Had I the words to tell you I would simply do it. It would be easier than working it in bronze, steel or wood. Does artist Vitasovich feel this way?g. vaughan"

"Wow! I loved your work."


"Nicely done intriguing feels...serious"

"Loving it! So expressive, transparent and beautiful! Lots of fire..."

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