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Ted Larsen  Santa Fe, NM

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About Ted

Ted Larsen was born in 1964 and educated at Whittier College in California. He later graduated from Northern Arizona University. Following a gentler career in landscape painting, Larsen adjusted his focus to making abstract sculptures from salvaged materials, or ‘non-art materials’, as he prefers to call them. Experiments in context, hybrid and scale are a full-time occupation for Larsen, whose only income is his art.

In a conscious effort to disassociate himself from his colleagues who pursue one cohesive direction and a single theme, Larsen talks about his work in mostly loose and abstract terms. ‘I hope to bring purist shapes and surfaces back down to earth […] and re-label the idea of ready-mades’, he says.

These ideals are the foundation of an impressive oeuvre that safeguards Larsen’s reputation in the US. His work is highly collectible and exhibited nationwide.

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I have followed your work for years at art fairs. Please add me to your email list and notify me of exhibitions. I am currently in Santa Fe and would like to see your work. Thank you. Cameron Shay

Awesome! Stunning! Thank you:)

Excellent work! Many major artists, especially of the latter 20th century, come to mind while touring the galleries of the artist's website. You have a unique talent for using material and color and have an intuitive grasp of knowing when to quit.

could it be the radio spectrum, a radio station assortmment? Lincoln's gettysburg address?

well,i can tell you this in a word

INSPIRATION! I went to the paint shop, and i got all the colors in Teds work. Bingo iam painting the walls the color of the art work.
My christmas shopping will have to wait, i have been inspired by t. Larsen.


Its sort of an abstract. I like it. Its looks to me that it came from junk and then came out to be a beautiful form. Two-thumbs up!!

I was looking for something outside the box this is mostly just boxes. The painting is cool I think he feels caged in.


One needs to look at what they are looking at. Sculptures often get mistaken for paintings. It is also very difficult to get good pictures of them. These are good abstract pieces and I like the patterns. My pieces are more polished, but then I have only seen these few.

first time i see this work. i'd say basically abstract...not too abstract...somewhat flat abstract...i mean not dimensional much. is it that space the artist cannot represent? with a bit of practise, you'll be precise to the cubic inch!

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