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Leah Giberson  Boston, MA

'Caravel Reflections'
Acrylic painting over photographic pigment print on panel
'Garden Chairs'
Acrylic painting over photographic pigment print on panel

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About Leah

My current body of work falls somewhere between the worlds of photography, painting and collage. I begin with photographs of seemingly ordinary and mundane scenes, which I then paint directly upon to distill and reveal the visually poignant moments that exist all around us, but are often overlooked.

There is a quiet anxiety and loneliness in these images of isolated houses, empty chairs, abandoned pools and vacant streets. Shadows loom from unknown/unseen sources, horizon lines become uncomfortably close, people are absent and geographic clues are obscured. Despite all this uneasiness, there is also a sense of bravery or at least a blind and determined optimism.

Recommended by our guest curators

Samantha French

Brooklyn, NY artist

"Leah and I were in a group exhibition earlier this year and it was such a pleasure showing along side her work. While in someone else's hands, her paired down vintage Air streams and rundown trucks might verge on kitsch, she treats her subject with respect and they become these beautiful objects. I’m also drawn to her color choices, while vivid, her paintings are still quiet, slightly lonely and have air of nostalgia."

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'On The Road'




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"Gorgeous. Love it."

"Very lifelike paintings, great technique, good usage of chiaroscuro and can feel the 'passing of the day(s)' within them based on that. Reminds me a bit of Edward Hopper's paintings minus the people ( -:"

"i like your technique of enhancing the photos. THe trailer pic is reminiscent when I lived in one very similar for six months. Beautiful time of simplicity and minimalism. The street scene looks like san francisco."

"Simplicity, beautiful settings and color. Love it."

"Gives the feeling of emptiness, but existence. Nice job."

"Peaceful. Love the contrast in lighting and color. It's iconic. There's an interesting story somewhere inside. Or is it inside the viewer?"

"AWESOME! I am a photographer- my moms' a painter. I am inspired, to say the least. Keep up the amazing work! Hypnotic, unusual yet, simple. Very good."

"little camper brings back memories of my teen years when i lived in one very simular to the picture very nice!"

"i love it it looks comfortable but at the same time it looks like a face,the windows beeing the eyes and the pink chair being the toung..i dont know my imagination just went wild..XD"

"very nice. simplistic. the eye is drawn to teh patch of greenry in teh left hand corner."

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