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Max Wanger  Los Angeles, CA

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About Max

Max Wanger was born and raised by what he describes as ‘reformed hippies’. Educated in Los Angeles, Honolulu, Berkeley and Tokyo, his work carries the influences of a range of cultures. The result is an eclectic mix. Wanger currently works as a commercial photographer in California. Wedding photography, unconventionally staged and highly original, makes up a large part of his portfolio.

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"it makes me feel like pakin my tote, and jumpin in the backseat! A wonderous insight to what must be an artist deep thought process. iam just driven to want to scream shot gun!!!"

"okay, there are risk issues with the first photo but if you look at it in another way,well, it gives out the message of warmth and family but another is kinda creepy in a sense because the faces of the parents can't be seen. maybe not creepy but sadness or departure or aloneness. .hmmmm but i like the photo."

"this is not of course some painting about nature. pastel colours, serenity. it's all about seeing and not been seen. can u see that? well, the shaded figure of the adult person near the baby. his face is faceless, no traits, no hue or colour. the adult head is only sketched. we see the contours, the shape, and that's all. the baby who is still a baby, and not like the shaded head is sort of half seen. his lips and eyes, but not his head. the baby's head is also an enigma. one more thing, the baby is between the driver, the faceless and another head also unseen, only framed head, camouflaged with all those leaves. nature on this other head, a female head, i think, is heavily dissimulated with nature, the leaves...are they afraid of the sun? it can glare and obstruct your see the road you need a regulated amount of sun, not a furnace, nor a bulldozing sun!"

"I love babies and children and would never drive with them unless they were in the proper carseats. Please people we are commenting on the art here---okay?"

"Really realistic..... So much so that I think that kid should be in a car seat;)"

"Excellent photos with a painterly depth and quality. Keep seeing what is beyond the lens; you're doing well."

"OK...the hair thing is kind of fun. But the car? It looks like a bad picture. Those are the kinds of pictures I always threw out when I'd get my pictures back from the developer (before I could delete from the memory card). I guess I was throwing away masterpieces!?"

"It is awesome. For all of you concerned about the kid not being in a car seat, was the artist strapped to the car hood while it was moving? Was he in the middle of a street photographing while the car was moving? I doubt it. Get real people and look at the art and understand it was a pose."

"its very interesting and unique i love it"

"The first picture is too small; I couldn't tell what it was until reading the comments."

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