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Tyler Bergholz  Pittsburgh, PA

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About Tyler

Tyler Bergholz was born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2002 he received a BA in Graphic Design from East Carolina University. His influences include Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Christopher Wool.

‘The use of found and discarded material struggles to establish a visual harmony amid indefinite layers of Pop Americana’ Bergholz explains, ‘fused with spontaneous intuition and chaotic self-expression’. The result is a series of existential assemblages that urge the viewer to abandon learned associations and address ‘the bigger picture, whatever that may be’.

His work is frequently exhibited, in San Francisco, Austin and Raleigh this year alone. The forthcoming ‘California Dream’ will be his first solo exhibition, chronicling several years’ worth of collage and assemblage work.

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"I get it and love it....reminds me of an artist whose work is in the Contemporary Art Museum in Nice...a French painter whose name escapes me, but there is a similarity in the allover composition, however the collage presented here is much more bold in terms of color contrast. I would love to see the entire body of work."

"like....complicated and comfortingly simple at the same time. nice"

"Very Cool. The abstract funkyness of the subject matter brings out a blend of known and unknownmaterials randomly subjected to the artists whims and illusions on canvas."

"Your art is so good I want to eat it. But move out of Pittsburgh ASAP or your Art will go downhill. Try New York."

"I enjoyed looking at your pieces. I would like to see the originals--I imagine a whole different feeling is captured."


"Its very interesting."

"Visually oppressive, no thanks. I like the direction you're going in, but this needs to mature before I'd consider it ready."

"my eyes burn. what is becoming of art."

"nice artwork. even my best freind cant paint that good. and shes the best st artist i know lates"

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