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Jonathan Hertzel  Chalfont, PA

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About Jonathan

I’ve been sculpting over 25 years. Working mostly in bronze, my unique figurative sculptures relate to the structures and processes of life. The sculptures start with a DNA-like design, from which shapes grow suggesting both human and animal forms as well as the patterns and elements of nature. The sculptures are often compared to classic elements of earth, air, water and fire. Philadelphia Inquirer Art Critic, Victoria Donohoe describes them this way:

“Each has something like a physique, a physical tone, by which we can remember it. Their fluid movements make them seem like expressions of the human figure rather than mere objects. The viewer is drawn into their movement and energy, relating to the force of ongoing creation and change.”

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"My daughter and I saw your work for the first time this week at the Philadelphia Flower show. We were captivated by the energy and motion of your sculpture emerging from the soil of the garden. Thank you for an exciting experience in the midst of all the competing creative.Now on to your website to learn more."

"Jonathan, congratulations once again! I noticed that you are STILL the artist of the day for Novermber 7th! keep up the good work! I'll check back later to see if you are still winning!"

"You have always been and continue to be my favorite sculptor. With an understanding of true form, you define life with all the twists and turns it has to offer."

"Protean figures conjuring up man's essence forging forth from a fire."

"Hi Jonathan! Congratulations on being selected as the artist of the day. I am proud to be one of your biggest fans. I like the energy of your work. The pieces selected above are terrific, but I hope others viewing this will go to your website to view all of your other terrific work. Your passion really comes through.Your fanDawn Byers"

"Hi Jonathan, congratulations! You deserve this honor. I am proud to say I am your biggest fan! I love the pieces selected above. I hope others will go to your website to see all of your other exciting work!Your fanDawn Byers"

"Congratulations Jonathan! You deserve to be the artist of the day! Maybe event the artist of the year. Great job. Keep up the good work. Your fanDawn Byers"


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