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Nils Nova  Luzern, Switzerland

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About Nils

Artist Nils Nova plays is an installation artist that plays with the users perception of space with misleading images he creates by using a large-format camera. Nova photographs a corner of a room and then makes a huge, real-size print. This print is placed in the room, which creates a odd illusion which blurs the lines between the real and unreal.

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Annie Vought

Oakland, CA artist

"I love the way he manipulates the space, plays with our eyes, giving us a brief illusion."

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"Love your work!"

"Nice photographs"

"I agree with jm. Just a gimmick, not art, and not even attractive. If it was a picture on a random website or a poster, I wouldn't even notice it."

"Wow that is pretty awesome!! I would like to live there :)"

"Love it!! wish I had a place to do this"

"thatis awsome"

"And where is the intrigue in the piece? I don't see or feel anything besides a gimmick. No art here move on...."

"This is so amazing and different. You dont see art like this every day!"

"Looks so real wouldnt know it if you walked past and to all those how think this is not art, you have little or no talent yourself so you got to knock someone else down, but this is amazing"

"I love it! What talent. Having fun with perception. I'd like to learn more about the labor that was done to creat this."

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