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Angela Fraleigh  Allentown, PA

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About Angela

Questioning social constructs of beauty, class, gender and role play I am interested in the complications of desire, what power people have available to them and how they use that power. These images serve as a means of escape from one”s personal histories but also provides a space to question these idealistic scenarios. Drawing on dramatic moments from literature and framing the romantic stereotypes that are created these images are complicated by obscured power structures. Ambiguity conceals where authority lies in these familiar images disrupting our understanding of these hackneyed relationships while bringing into the foreground the continual power struggles still fueling our political, social and intimate relationships.

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"The artwork I'm looking at (top) is POWERFULLY abusive in nature. It is compelling because it speaks to a very disturbing and dysfunctional relationship. The woman's expression is not only moving, but tragic all at once. The rich black tone that has been imposed in just the right places really brings this artwork out Angela. You did an AWESOME job on this!If I had to entitle this artwork, it would be called, "The dark edge of abuse"."

"A Picasso of disturbing images ."

"It's disturbing but in a very interesting way. I guess jarring would be the right word."

"Dark and mysterious, yet intertwined passion."

"Looks like she's vomiting crow feathers...but other than that it's very moving."

"To Lin - I agree that the artists statements rarely match what their art makes each individual feel. Focus on what it makes you feel. What inspiration the artist has is sometimes interesting, but irrelevant because it is your feelings about it that make it what it is to you. Enjoy it for yourself."

"I was IMMEDIATELY drawn the top painting. I did not look at anything else on the page. I could not take my eyes off it. There are so many emotions pouring out of it. I love it. I see her as not giving up and fighting against whatever hardship they are enduring. He is showing her that he is forever grateful for her fight and strength and that it gives him the strength to continue to fight as well. It is empowering to me. I could keep going!"

"This is a beutiful piece of art!! i wish i could draw like that :)"

"I love love these images! However, this artist's statement illustrates exactly why I usually do not like artist's statements. Never have the artist's statement compete with the work. The sentences are more jam-packed with thesarus words than there are brushstrokes in the paintings. Give the work an opportunity to speak for itself somewhat. Or break up your sentences. Something."

"Painterly images of very frightened faces surrounded by black gooey scary stuff. Artist Angela makes her point with power and drama"

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