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Gerard Pestarque  Paris, France

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About Gerard

The portraits presented here are for the most part, products of pure imagination and represent many stages in my intuitive approach of what might be called “archétypes sidéraux”

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Life caught on the face. Excellent! Just watched a French film about a sculptor, Camille Claudel. Gerard Depardieu played Rodin. Stormy picture.
These photos of your work show outstanding talent and are beautiful to behold! Sending my appreciation for all it has taken to produce such wonderful work. Thank YOU.

Beautifully sad.

Bewildering,thought provoking, semi-real...

the work shows sensitivity and empathy. An artist who has found his place. Beautiful.

Sensitive and beautifully presented

the soul is in the eyes.

I was thinking Michelangelo....and the sixteen.....Beautiful, amazing work... Thank you. Sincerely, Tamara Coper-TamaraDesign, Sweden

What a stirring sculpture! I want to your website and was again moved. The drawing of the yound girl especially stands out.
Your comments on Saturn, Mars and Jupiter were also interesting.

Thank you.


This is so beautiful and so sad; it really touched me.

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