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May Ann Licudine  La Union, Philippines

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About May Ann

Her art is inspired by her own dreams, nightmares, childhood memories, as well as God, nature, music and other great artists. She enjoys dreaming, listening to music, and setting her imagination free into wide colorful skies. Once inspiration hits her, May Ann’s paintings and drawings radiate and overflow with her emotions. She particularly loves making illustrations of her very own whimsical characters Babu and Abu the Cat.

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"Where can I buy your work? I am interested in a painting I saw on line...the four elements..."

"You are such an inspiration to me. I am an artist but have deprived myself from my creativity..due to depression. You have really inspired me to break out of the dark place and just "Be." Thank you for you beautiful artwork and inspiration!!!! You and I are the same age and your dedication to your talents and passions have encouraged me to put my own emotions and imagination on paper/canvas. thank you!God bless!ZiZi"

"ei cousin!!wow!! as in WOW!!ur so talented!!i love it!!its super ganda!!!im so proud of u cousin!!"

"hey mall! i love your works i'll be having my own wedding soon and i love the photos that you did do you also do photography for weddings? id love to see your photos on your brother's wedding! thanks!"

"Really really good"


"I have a new art crush. Great stuff!"

"Of all the work I have seen on this site in the past 3 months, yours appeals to me the most. Your whimisical style is charming; and I especially like your dramatic use of asymmetrical balance and juxtoposition."

"I love your art! I visited your blog and it's simply incredible. One day, hopefully I could visit your art show! Congratulations, May Ann!"


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