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Rob Evans  Wrightsville, PA

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About Rob

Rob Evans was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington DC, where he had unlimited access to some of the finest institutes of art and science. His impulse to interpret the world visually came naturally, he recalls. Moreover, his scientific-minded parents (a biochemist and an archaeologist respectively) awakened in him a sense of mystery which is still at the core of his creations.

“In the last decade my paintings have dealt more and more metaphorically with themes inspired by places, experiences and memories,” according to Evans. “The most recurring theme is everyday occurrences. Common places and objects let me examine and confront the issues I face, as an artist but equally as a parent, spouse and participant in this particular time in history.”

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"Gives nature a whole new light.It's beautiful."

"A box of rocks one man rocks"

"neat use of art thats what im talkin bout"

"Mistiry, deep, want to know more,,,,,Beautiful I love it. Thank you. Sincerely.Tamara Coper-TamaraDesign, Sweden"

"I LOVE them both they are wonderfully done and enjoy just staring at them"

"Great job with the atmosphere effects. I can't help but look deeeeeeeeeeep into it. Serious congrats on the artwork."


"The work has a feel of........extreme mystery...LOVE IT!"

"nice!how much is 1 week of staying?"

"I love these! eerie and beautiful! love the atmosphere."

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