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Christina Empedocles  San Francisco, CA

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About Christina

Christina Empedocles, born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, discovered her love of nature on early morning bird watching trips in the fourth grade. After graduating from Oberlin College in Ohio, she started her career as a geologist in San Francisco before transitioning to fine art, receiving her MFA in painting from California College of the Arts in 2008.

Empedocles uses obsessive realism in an attempt to recapture her early fascination of the natural world, mixing idealized images and reality in a unique perspective. By folding and cutting images, using sculpture, painting and collage, she records personal moments and impressions, enhanced by the ephemera of everyday. Her work is the result of hours of looking ” contrasting the nostalgic fantasy of idealized memory and the intense focus of the realistic image. Christina has been awarded a public art project at the University of California, San Francisco, and has had her work included in Manifest”s International Drawing Annual, Studio Visit Magazine, American Art Collector and Color & Color. She currently shows in Denver, San Francisco and New York.

via David B. Smith Gallery

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"This is very reminiscent of 'Life After People' - a gorgeous piece."

"Very interesting - can't help but to think of the current times we are in with nature - the birds show no flight pattern but confusion - very well done -"

"I enjoy"

"Great work!"

"Really love the birds, but also see butterflies or even Chinese hand fans. Would look great in my pad...."

"Awsumeeee birds in b/w <3....."

"One of the best artists on this site in a long while!I absolutely love it!"

"great stuff. Big fan of birds :)"

"Beautiful work, it reminds me of M.C. Echer, one of my favorites."

"A flock of flickers! How cool!"

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