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Richard Galpin  London, UK

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About Richard

Richard Galpin”s complex art works are derived from the artist’s own photographs of chaotic cityscapes. Using only a scalpel Galpin intricately scores and peels away the emulsion from the surface of the photograph to produce a radical revision of the urban form. The artist allows himself no collaging, or additions of any kind – each delicate work is a unique piece made entirely by the erasure of photographic information.

The works enact a reimagining of the city, but their futuristic vision is predicated on the city as it is now, with the intricate details bearing traces of contemporary urban experience. Playing between abstraction and representation, the works draw their visual language from a variety of early 20th century movements such as Constructivism, and Vorticism…

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Tracey M. Hawkins

Curator / Art Professor

"Although Galpin’s complex, abstract cityscapes initially feel futuristic, they are reminiscent of Russian Suprematism from the early 20th century. As such, although constructed in a completely different manner, they too play with ideas of abstraction and representation but with the addition of the photographic process, modern design, and the contemporary, urban landscape thrown in."

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"At first I see these and I think "oh great, vector based art", and then I realize that these are actually pictures that have been scraped away to create a new and more interesting picture. I like the idea behind these, I just wonder if the artist will expand the idea to include more organic based subject material."

"Incredible! What an ingenious medium."

" 1st glance i said no chance....not enough for me to process, but after a paragraph of explanation the mind was cleared of negative thought and the process was recognized, distilled, appreciated....and i thank you very much for your pursuit of an alternate perspectival viewpoint....we all need to take the time to learn from subtractive art?.....makes a guy wonder///"

"Love 'em both! The first reminds me of an organized Jackson Pollock. Very appealing to my analytic side and reminiscent of MUCH more than just a futuristic urbanism. Could also represent the organized chaos of thought or computing processes, or the internet or our attempts to understand the universe and communicate with it. I wish I could afford the original work or a decent reproduction/print. Its really great!"

"Like your work very much Richard..interesting collective perpsectives."

"It reminds of me of tiny metal particles pulled by a magnet... Not my favorite style... It makes me think "so what?"..."

"That's pretty awesome"

"How complex...............loved it!"

"I'm astonished at the skill and patience needed for work of this kind. The second piece in particular is delightful, a representation of the chaos of certain places in cities. It reminds me of downtown Chicago!"

"I like the less minimalist one alot. The top one is devoid of any relativity to a city, or anything else."

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