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Anastassia Elias  Paris, France

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About Anastassia

I cut small paper cutouts that I then glue on the inside of toilet paper. I use tweezers to do so. I use the paper the same color as the roller. It gives an illusion that the small paper figures are part of the roll. I need a few hours to make a roll.

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i like girraffes

I absolutely adore this! Quiet and sweet, but very clever.

This is a person that can be quiet, think deep and display her life thoughts into pictures as the old masters did. very admirable.

That is..... that just so cool.

So cool.

This is adorable, and makes me feel happy. :)

WOW!!! very nice..

admirable,I often save the toilet tube and just look at it knowing there is something better to do than just chuck it in the trash.thank you.

this is so adorable!! :)

wow really nice idea...

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