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Stefan Bleekrode  Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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About Stefan

My paintings and drawings show my highly personal view of our everyday surroundings. I attempt to recreate my impressions of the urban environment as precisely and accurately as possible working solely from memory. Often I combine several impressions into one composition, conveying the mood of certain times of day, seasons or places. In general I work in watercolor and egg tempera, primarily because of the vivid palette and the rich surfaces that can be achieved with these media.

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"Stefan- If you are doing this kind of work by memory and make it look this realistic...well you have a talent that many people practice for a lifetime to do work like this , only use a reference like a photo,and still can't get it as accurate and crisp looking! Very awesome work. Are you like an Engineer or Architect also? Just really beautiful."

"I felt nostalgic about my experiences in these kind of environments on a particular day. -Love them for this! J M"

"Your work is stunning. I am thoroughly impressed with your ability to carry out your intentions for your paintings to depict everyday urban life, and the mood is conveyed overwhelmingly well. Brilliant. I am a photographer (hobby) and I love photographing urban environments, as well as, the avante garde; the unexpected one would photograph. I will post a montage of a junkyard. I am working on a project which shows a part of Phoenix, AZ that has long since been considered, to be tactful, an unpleasant area to reside. It will manifest a contrasting view of the dilapidated, poverty-stricken, sadness & overall depression of this area with the re-birth, growth, opportunities & sense of community among many who live there. I am excited to complete it and hope it will conclude as I envision it. Will post it on my FB page. Again, congratulations, on your hard work, passion, and extraordinary work. ~ Stacy"

"These are beautiful...I wonder what the guy in the pictures is thinking about?"

"Reminiscent of the great Edward Hopper. Love it."

"Great Work! Definitely see the Hopper influence. Nice to see someone your age working in this manner."

"To think this artist is entirely self taught. Wow! All of his work is so impressive, beautiful and inspiring."

"Really enjoy these works. As though we are invited/allowed to take the journey with you."

"from memory? awesome."

"I really love these works! The color and detail caught my eye."

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