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John Westmark  Gainesville, Fl

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About John

I am interested in the metaphorical potential of unorthodox painting materials. The primary material of my current paintings is Store-bought paper sewing patterns applied directly to the canvas. The patterns are reinterpreted outside of their usual functional context as garment templates to represent metaphysical/figurative imagery.

The wording and schematics on the sewing patterns present a material metaphor by reinforcing the notion of a story, allowing the viewer to “read” the surface of the painting. Additionally, the intrinsic schematics present on the patterns convey a high-tech, engineered language that contradicts the nostalgic nature of personal garment making. Patterns and templates are the genesis of assembly, but once they are realized, they are tucked away or discarded. These paintings expose and liberate the pattern to become something to keep.

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"Love this work! The Folklore series is great."

"Beautiful, creative use of patterns in design. Wish I could see them in person!"

"rookie question. where does one acquire such work?These pieces seem to have a religious overture"

"This is really really fine work!Thanks for sharing..."

"How truly beautiful! one of the most inventive and original artists I have seen in a long timeJust out of this world in more ways than one"

"I think the pieces are beautiful. I truly love your use of the patterns as another material. I also find an anime like characteristic the paintings above which I truly adore. Great work."

"These are really beautiful and expressive. The shapes of the women - human, soft, without the sharp curves and high thick-thin contrast between chest, waist, and hips is really lovely to see."

"Unique, alive feel to your work. Especially enjoyed the Florida pieces on your site. Like it a lot."

"What a fresh interpretation of a common medium. Just wonderful!!"

"Definitely catches my attention and keeps it! Very lovely."

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