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Mary Chiaramonte  Radford, VA

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About Mary

My interest has always been in the human story. This is my everyday inspiration. There are stories unfolding around me all of the time, whether belonging to me or not, and I wish to document them. My paintings regard the things that have happened to me, the things that I know, and the people that surround and affect me.

Typically my process begins with my concept made into a visual by photography. For instance, the painting House Bound began with scene that I staged and photographed. I knelt on the studio floor to cut and assemble a cardboard model of a house. I made sure it fit my shoulders, tossed it over them, adjusted the lighting, and went to work with the shutter. I was particular with the setting for this one and was excited by what I captured, so I never strayed much from the photograph, although I usually invite more abstract concepts into my works. House Bound tells the story of isolation in my home studio. The use of the cardboard model symbolizes an option to leave. The strength of the cardboard, or lack thereof, resembles my facility to go any place I please, yet I remain home to devote my time to painting. I work in acrylic, typically in thin layers that are covered and reduced in stages in order to build the painting’s surface.

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"Incredibly-good work. It's floated into my mind and keeps coming up days later. Mary, you are the great."

"the top one looks liek the house from UP"

"I don't understand why so many portrait painters are leaving the eyes out. If it's supposed to have some great meaning I'd like to hear it because otherwise it just gives off the impression of laziness.That being said, I do like the second piece and I do enjoy the details/colors."

"Is it supposed 2 be sad? It looks depressing, like holding onto things that used 2 be strong - buffers, things u depended on - & are now fragile & untrustworthy, holding u back from where u could be going. (Don't know if I'm "right." That's just what it looks like 2 me.)"

"i just love the human story. it really makes you're work is incredible. it is also eerie without tryingto make it. i think it is outstanding"

"Moving,beautiful direct connect to my emotions.If it makes me feel,it must be art. U..R..Artist and for corn sakes don't stop."

"The images and muted colors for me carry a muddled, unclear statement. Not really connecting."

"Nice painting style, really like your drawings as well. Your exploration of figures is inspiring!"

"I so agree with the comment by billy. said so well. these paintings are very moving to me. I love your work."

"Very compelling. It was interesting to read your concept of Housebound as when I looked at it I thought of all those who are trying desperately to hold onto the home they are losing to foreclosures.My work can also be ambiguous and when asked what my idea was I usually ask what the viewers sees. If it's in any alignment with my concept I might elaborate, but it it's completely different I let them keep their interpretation. Art is to inspire, so if they see anything that moves them, I am happy.Your work is very moving. thanks for sharing."

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