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Charles Goolsby  Emory, VA

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My paintings and prints are representational images resulting from an exploration of my environment and subjects that have personal meaning for me as an artist. This approach has provided me with a number of challenges. One is the focus on something specific. The second challenge is that of the specific issues of representation such as creating tension between objects in an orchestrated and ambiguous two-dimensional space. The third challenge is that of creating a visually expressive work utilizing the formalist elements and principles of art that are at the root of all visual form.

Out of my experiences, I have developed a greater awareness of my environment and the transitions of change that take place in it. In the landscape, the changing of light and shadow is very quick. Color subtleties and relationships cannot be manufactured in the studio. I have reinforced my belief that art is clearly based on one’s personal response to the world and not simply a product manufactured independently of one’s world. My process involves going out on location and making drawings, oil studies and photographs. This is the research aspect of my work. In my non-landscape based work, sketches and photographs are also used to develop ideas. Back in the studio, I use these source materials to develop my final compositions into the paintings. The final painting process involves completing a strong under-painting in black and white, laying in a ground tone, and building the paint layers while retaining as much spontaneity as possible.

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"Wonderful collection of art you have."

"Is there intentionally Christian symbolism here? Is this a martyred child? Like music from the late 19th Century, one wonders whether it's literal and programmatic, or symbolic on a more abstract level.I find the image highly evocative. The chiaroscuro is El Greco-esque. Interesting composition too: bisected on the horizontal, and (more-or-less) trisected vertically by the child's left hand. The palette too is interesting and pleasing: it could have been taken from an Old Master, lacking as it does the brilliant pigments discovered later. The painting makes me wonder if the artist has experienced a tragedy in his own life, one that involves the loss of a martyred child.Both paintings have architectural complexities that conjure up Escher.I'd say this painting gets an A+ for concept and high marks for execution. It leaves me with more questions than answers and after all, isn't that the point?Like kris ... I'm just sayin' ..."

"@kris: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's a boy b/c of the title Daniel.Just sayin'I like the work all right. That and I'm too tired to find anything wrong with them. ;)"

"dam good."

"I found the images anything but boring. While they might not envoke the excitement and/or confusion that some of the artists on this site do, I felt enchanted by both paintings. In fact, this is the first time I have clicked on an image and I've had "artist a day" on my page for over a year."

"i dont think of myself as an artist yet mind also have that unque meaning for me. i took art in high school and came in 2ed place with an art contest. My teacher was going to help me go to college i had a family instead. i would not change this for any art that i had developed. my son had past away and my other 2 have their own special need for me know. if only i can seem to have more happy or enjoyment so the art i do is a hobby of enjoyment. thumbs up with your progress and my spelling is not all fabulous-hopping you well."

"I rather enjoyed the first painting which offered an early winter solitude or perhaps a late autumn solitude. However, the second painting was quite interesting how the image of a young girl with a playful attitude and not a care in the world was just hanging in the balance. Yet, upon strolling down another image came to mind of a young Jesus Christ at a crossroads being crucified. Also, there is an image in the upper right hand corner of the second painting that I could not make out but, seemed to have some significance to images I have described here."

"I love this work. Especially the abandoned diving board stack. And after reading, I'm curious where is the line between the landscape and the imagination?"

"I think your paintings are great.They envoke the same contemplation that an Andrew Wyeth painting does for me.Keep painting!"

"i agree."

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