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Chuck Tingley  Buffalo, NY

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About Chuck

My series, Emotional Effusion, is an exploration of an unrestrained outpouring of feelings, thoughts, and behavior. My paintings go beyond the skin to evoke certain emotions. Through paint, I explore the physical characteristics of an individual and dig deeper to get to and express one’s core emotion. The outcome is a realistic approach to the form, surrounded by an abstraction of colors. I want the viewer to experience these raw feelings, right down to the physiological changes.

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"I love the humor in Faux Tales......"

"I like how he seems fearless and is willing to explore. I live in the same city as the artist and I have seen first hand people respond well to the work (i.e. buy them up). Time will only tighten things his style, and like someone said earlier, "hit it out of the ballpark""

"While there is no doubt this artist can realistical render his subjects and capture raw emotions with striking contrast, I cannot help but feel these works are somewhat unfinished. Perhaps that is part of his commentary but I feel we are just getting a rough peek and that more time is needed to finish each piece. I know often artists struggle with the notion of knowing when a piece of art is complete. Its' a fine line of going too far or in this case, perhaps not going far enough. He'll hit it out of the ballpark when he gets there though, that's for sure."

"Love it."

"I personally like when art makes me gives me a reason to ask why that is so..your work is amazing.Thank you"

"The Emotional Effusion theme is well thought out and visually appealing. Being a new artist gives you much control over your future destination. Keep learning, keep growing and best of luck in your future art career."

"Your artwork is stunning. I enjoy how you carry each emotion, not just from the realism of the people, but through the entire piece. I hope others are seeing your range of work on your website and not just basing it off of the 2 images above."

"Why does one that is obviously so gifted be so morbid? Is there no beauty in your world? I'm sorry for you if there isn't because with your ability there should be!"

"The emotion you are trying to convey is lost because these females are idealized. They look more like sad fashion models than real women. If that is your statement--the agony behind a "perfect" or "idealized" form, then well done. However from your artist statement it seems that you are attempting to capture genuine emotion not attached to beauty, but rather to humanity as a whole. If you really want to convey this, it might help to expand the series to include more common females, not just the attractive kind in poses that you would find in fashion photography."

"This art leads me to more deeply realize all art is a personal statement and in that sense an emotional vehicle for the artist. I'd be interested to know where your journey eventually leads."

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