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Alberto Piliang  Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ink on paper
'How does it feel'
Ink on paper

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About Alberto

Alberto Piliang, born in Bandung, Indonesia, currently lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He mostly works with ink on paper and is inspired by classic Japanese ukiyo-e and Art Nouveu, but with more surreal twist.

Alberto explains the work by saying, “My work is my device to express my view to this world, which is a little bit cynical”.

Recommended by our guest curators

Kyle Brooks

Arabia Mountain, GA Artist

"While very dark and sometimes disturbing, I found his black and white work to be very complex and deep. I saw a dark humor in them and did like the strange and scary characters. One of the images had a masked woman walking with a psychedelic clown. The woman had her skirt pulled up a little to reveal a koala bear on her leg. How do you come up with that?"

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