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Victor Rodriguez  Brooklyn, NY

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About Victor

Victor is considered to be the leader of the new generation of hyperrealist artists working internationally today. He has exhibited extensively internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, the Flint Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Museo de Monterrey in Mexico and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey MARCO.

Rodriguez”s imagery is immaculate, depicting intricate surface textures such as skin and clothing in a hyper-realistic manner. In the vein of Photorealism, the surface quality is slick and glossy as the pages of a high-end fashion magazine. However, Rodriguez does not identify himself as a Photorealists whose core philosophy was purely objective; to paint as a process of reproducing a photograph with no personal or intimate narrative. And although he sites the forefathers of Photorealism such as Chuck Close and Franz Gertsch as influences, his interest in painting is derived from Renaissance artists such as Vermeer and Velazques, who rendered realism with a personal or historical narrative. Indeed, Rodriguez”s paintings are rich with narrative and deeply personal, exacerbated by imagery that is so real, one can almost feel by seeing.

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"Interesring aesthetic, but using the same homely model again and again must get tedious--tedious to look at."

"I love this work. These photos don't do the artist justice, you have to go to the actual artist site and see the complete series of his work. All of the pop meets cubism, meets surrealism thing is amazing. As a student this is what I want to aspire to paint like."

"pic a; questioning the integration of human identity"

"I think they're beautiful and thought-provoking. I really hate it when paintings are photo-realistic. Why even paint a picture when you could just take a snapshot, right? But I think that Victor has a really even blend of realism and surrealism."

"Victor Rodriguez, I really enjoy your art your style is amazing love photo realists. excellent realism"


"Really fantastic art, it reminds me of hitchcock."

"Sitting in a bar in Dover DE eating hot wings, watching Monster Trucks on one screen and the Little League World Series on another. I like this artist but I keep thinking "would I pay money to put this on my wall"? Hate to break this down to such a "root chakra" but I'm not feeling it. I would move on down the line... OMG that truck just flipped over in the mud. I hope the drive is OK!"

"I agree with Beth on mostly everything. I don't see why photorealism is any less "creative" than the work of, say, Da Vinci or any other artist who strives to recreate reality in their own way. Once reality is filtered through the mind and hands of the artist, it then becomes something unique that did not exist previously. I like both pieces, and enjoy the cubist/pop-art combo used in the second work. Really cool."

"Each shade of her personality leaps from the display with a fully intriguing, yet self-revealing, audacious tenacity."

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