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Jeffrey Beauchamp  San Francisco, CA

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About Jeffrey

As kids we are generally encouraged to use and cultivate our imaginations, though once we reach adulthood the pressures of everyday existence tend to hone our more practical survival skills and leave our younger minds to fend for themselves. As an artist I can postpone certain aspects of growing up in the name of staying creative: while painting, for instance, I find a sort of disciplined daydreaming works quite well. With these new larger works the daydreaming took the form of squinting into the painty distance, “magic eye”- style, and feeling the possibilities of depth and visual adventure in there. The discipline, beyond just showing up in the morning and keeping out of the comfy chair as much as possible, consisted of avoiding any over-resolving of the images into too easily-digested landscape clichés. The results have, at first, a new vigor and charm that I think bear up under longer scrutiny, the layers of suggestive brush and knife work emerging slowly from the stormy surfaces. It is that balance between the paint itself and deep illusionary space that is more precarious in these pieces, more conflicting and interesting than in most of my earlier work.

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'Stormy Weather'



1 comment from the artist

"Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment, really appreciate all your insights. Just seeing this five years later, duh. Billy, whoever you are, love the hilarious critique. Perfect and I will definitely quote you."

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"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; natures violent invasion on a young settlement"

"fantastic brush stroke style i love it!!!!!"

"My husband and I have diverging tastes. We've been looking for all over Italy where we live something distinctive, vibrant but no discordant...and somehow, we discovered this artist..."

"Jeff's work always makes me think. The stories and images and relationships between objects touch something in my past and bring such strong memories. My own imaginings are overlaid on the paintings."

"I love the new offerings! I love the activity of the children! It reminds my of my youth! As far as the linear surround . . . its like a dream, or a memory revisited . . . bold in the memory of my life, and where it was - not so important. Well done Jeff, I like both! I am a fan!"

"truly inspiring! jeff's compositions and colors make the paintings pop! every time i look at them i see something different. you keep coming back for more. absolutely amazing. one of a kind style-- creative and captivating."

"This guy knows how to wield a paintbrush--unsettling, dreamy, and a sense of humor, too, which too many contemporary artists seem to lack entirely."

"I like how Jeff juxtaposes the focus on the lower of the two paintings: what you would expect to be blurry in the background is in the foregound and vice-versa. Having been lucky enough to see somw of his works in the original, have to say that it is hard to judge colour and texture on screen, however these images do give a sense that here is a master of composition as well as great imagination."

"I think this artist has great talent. I like them both but especially the second one as I love the movement and feeling of mastery from the main figure. I like too the articulate way this artist can speak about his work."

"wooooooow superb work"

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