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Gale Antokal  San Francisco, CA

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About Gale

Gale Antokal”s collection The Messengers, like much of her previous work, is a gracious presentation, at once poetic and ghostly, of everyday subjects. While this presentation amounts to a fairly dramatic, if also hushed, formal innovation, it is always clear that form is not an end in itself, but rather Antokal”s means of gently coaxing mysterious and affecting essences from “ordinary” images that matter to her. Among other things, her works remind us of, and give back, what was lost in the photographs that served as their inspirations ” what is always lost when we see with a merely physical eye.

text by Craig Buckwald PhD

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Christy Lee Rogers

Los Angeles, CA Artist

"Gale Antokal’s work is like a great noir movie, it brings you into a haunting world of her own. Also, as a photographer whose work is compared to painters, I love seeing an artist create work that looks like photos, from non- photographic materials. The everyday images in a unique context convey an eerie undercurrent, that stays with you."

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"These are lovely. So happy to see you and your great big talent moving forward. All my best to you. Ever, Kellie Rae"

"I think these are breath taking."


"I feel uneasy whan i see this. I love the detail i love the work it brings out an uneasy feeling that i try to ot feel."

"Just beautiful, the imagery evokes so much emotion... the materials used are unique. I've been following this artist for years and I'm looking forward to seeing her Los Angeles show in October."

"Looking forward to seeing her next show in Los Angeles in October. I am huge follower of this artist."

"i like the use of rain in these. it really makes them seem realistic."

"charcoal, graphite, pencil?"

"A am amazed that these are not photographs. This is truly extraordinary talent."

"Beautiful work, I believe I've even had a class taught by Gale herself and still see her around campus. Her work is definitely better in person and she's a great teacher."

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