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Philip Hone Williams  Carbondale, CO

'A Short History of Humanity from the Beginning to the End'
Oil on panel
'The Bemusement of the Ancients'
Oil on panel

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About Philip Hone

I’ve been working digitally for 15 years, but originally schooled at PAFA in Philadelphia in oil paint. And am now getting back to oil painting… but, have learned a lot from digital and am actually working out ways to meld the two.

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2 reactions from the artist

Philip Hone Williams
2013-06-12 @ 10:46 AM
NOTE: The first six comments refer to a display of earlier work... References to digital do not apply to the current work displayed, as they are all oil on panel, approximately 4 feet x 6 feet in size. The earlier work can be seen at and

Hone Williams
2013-01-01 @ 10:59 AM
B Schott... They were not done digitally. They are oil paintings.

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wow I love the details of the grain on the blocks.

interesting piece

amazing, I like them both.



You are just great. Remember, I have that great piece u did with the broken glass on the piano !

WOW I can't believe these were done digitally... you are fantastic!

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