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Courtney Blazon  Missoula, MT

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About Courtney

My drawings delve into the imagination and explore the lines between the fantasies of a cerebral life and the harsh realities of the natural world. It is in the intricacies of my drawing”s fabric that the magic of these two worlds colliding is revealed.

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"These portraites are amazing!Courtney Blazon has a lot of potential!!:D"

"Imaginations are the center of the soul most days. That's truly the essence of life. I love it. You're one of the 'awesome possum' people in the club of AMAZINGness."

"How is she not professional? She graduated from Parsons. I like the texture and pattern and the breaking up of and through surfaces."

"I actually really liked these!"

"It took awhile for me to come around to liking these. I do now, but not at first."

"oooo cool it looks so surreal like a dream of an imaginative4 child truly wonderful"

"Love the detail work. Folk art with a modern flavor!"

"OMG It's amazing!!! Ur better than a pro artist! LOL I love the imagination feel to it, and the detail to it... AMAZING!!!"

"I am captivated. Courtney's work seems alive with the contrasts and paradoxes inherent in ideas like childhood/adulthood, human/nature, joy/suffering, serenity/fear. I love the whimsical coloring, and her style reminds me of a lost 19th century innocence. I wish more were available."

"It's alright. The illustration is crude and the color scheme is unnatural and drab. There also seems to be a lack of a central concept or theme, or maybe I'm missing it."

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