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Valeri Larko  New Rochelle, NY

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About Valeri

My paintings reflect my ongoing fascination with the landscape where urban culture and nature collide in the fringes of our cities. It is in these often-overlooked areas that I find both beauty & pathos, bizarre juxtapositions that reflect how we, as a society, have altered and continue to alter the environment.

All of my paintings are painted on location. While painting on location, I become a witness to the constantly changing urban landscape, capturing contemporary ruins before they are lost and new structures built over them. I am attracted to the urban decay, color and chaos of everyday life on the edge of our cities and the stories these places can tell.

Once I find a scene that I want to paint, I set up my easel and return to the same site for weeks or months depending on the size of the painting. A large canvas can take me up to two and a half months to complete. In the winter, I paint smaller works on gessoed watercolor paper, from the relative comfort of my car.

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"In all honesty i thought it was a photo and not a painting. wow"

"Very modern realistic. I like it!"


"I was raised urban, and now live in a rural area. I have always found pictures of the "forgotten" or "neglected" urban landscape to be inspiring--it shows what is, but challenges me to see what once was and what could be in that same space incorporating the original industrial structures. Beautiful art--thank you for sharing!"

"its very urban! i love it and i cannot belive that's paint!"

"that looks really real!!"

"Awesome, awesome, awesome..."

"I like the work. I think she is CREATING not REPLICATING."

"I think these paintings are really compelling. I appreciate the fact that you are documenting these spaces as they are, because a high-rise condo may be the next thing that is installed here! I like to photograph these environments myself,though obviously documenting urban realism/decay is not everyone's cup of tea. Ahem...I feel that it is as important to represent this type of American landscape in the present as it was in the early part of the century when artists such as Charles Sheeler captured the beauty of a factory in "American Landscape 1930".Again, great work!"

"The 1st time i looked at it i thought it was a real picture Good work man keep it going"

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