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Thomas Allen  Coloma, MI

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About Thomas

I cut, crimp, crease and convert the covers of vintage paperbacks into 3-dimensional tableau and photograph them”an idea that feeds my penchant for pop-up books and all other things 3-D. The subjects are bit players who, for a brief time, found fame printed on the glossy surfaces of dime novels. My mitts and an X-acto knife work together to persuade skirts and gumshoes to return to the stage for one final performance in a slightly different production. The spotlight is aimed at gams and mugs long enough to immortalize them on yet another flat, glossy surface”film.

The result is a re-imagined look at a product of pop culture whose sales relied more on seductive, eye-popping visuals than literary content

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"Spectacular. Great fun. I'm collecting examples of 3D papercraft for a SF Convention in May, I keep thinking I'm done and then I find someone so ... spectacular!www.miscon.orgAll the best, always,William R. Warren, Jr. (Bill)"


"His work is much more engaging in person. I've had the pleasure of experiencing it in Minneapolis and it's truly unique and captivating. And as an artist myself, I don't throw compliments around often."

"very cool."

"campy charming charismatic inviting nostalgia. i'm compelled to reminisce and escape into daydreams."

"I'm not quite sure what is so artistically impressive about cutting apart other people's artwork. Perhaps I'm just not "cultured" enough. :/"

"simply awesome!"

"Interesting concept. I enjoyed seeing this work. Amusing and clever."



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