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Ryan Shultz  Chicago, IL

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About Ryan

Having taught himself to paint when he was young, Ryan”s skill secured him a full tuition fellowship to Northwestern University where he earned his MFA. Since high school, he has lived solely off his art through prize money, commissions and teaching private art lessons. To date Ryan has shown his work in over 60 juried art shows. His work deals primarily with youth culture and the “cult of excess,” depicting scenes of intoxication and drug use, alienation and cigarette exhalation. Ryan uses classical oil painting techniques to create modern day pieces capturing his generation. In this sense, his work is a marriage of the present and the past, a re-utilization of past techniques to make works that explore the romanticized views of self-destruction and masculinity so prevalent in our culture.

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"Where can I get a print?"

"loved them they great"

"you are giving us such a peaceful destruction kind of touch. where emotions, modernism, self care, power and luxury matter a lot. 1st pic is like mixture of scattered thoughts and missing something may be independence."

"The second photo reminds me of Heroine Bob from SLC Punk :)"

"It's beautiful how you capture real life."

"great work-self taught means a pure motivation to create"

"the first one looks pretty."

"Art that tells a story- I love it."

"Really shows so much culture. these are amazing pieces and this artist has extreme talent. amazing work"

"All dressed up with nowhere to go in the world. It's a beautiful piece."

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