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David D’Andrade  Pasadena, CA

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About David

My current body of work is a fantastical interpretation of imagery that depicts abstract mappings of cultural and biological viruses. This concept is to illustrate the fragile condition of human interactions through the replication and propagation of cultural memes. This is presented under the guise of a sociological climate that is based upon fear and uncertainty.

The Virus Drawings are first executed in ink on paper in a responsive and automatic manner, often growing and multiplying through many layers of mark making, much like an infectious agent of virus reproduction. I then to begin to add various images such as mechanical diagrams, topographical mappings and scatter plots to create an interweaving of visual data with organic abstraction. This process is created through scanning my drawings along with various painting textures into a Photoshop program. I then rearrange the various elements to create an infiltration of visual information that is juxtaposed with the unpredictable practice of automatic drawing. These are then made into digital prints.

These works are not depictions of any particular kinds biological or cultural viruses, but are units of information that are metaphorical interpretations of them which are caricatures at best.

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"got to like it!"

"Pretty cool images...Why not get your hands dirty and really paint them for real. What are you afraid of?"

"It makes me think of if you would cut them open and the inside is all colorful and smooth but the outside is all crazy and it :)(ps, eddie, how does this art make you say "funny and cool" there is nothing funny about it... you must have a really weird sense of humor)"

"Love the abnormality and rythmic pattern it creats. The textures are different but flow together easily, my eyes moving all around the pieces. I really enjoy how abstract it is!! :)"

"I think I pissed my pants. That's some awesome stuff."

"Dig it. love the idea behind the works too. I dont see digital art that i respect that often and I love these."

"Interesting and colorful abstracts."

"Love the intriguing blending of bright colors and the sense of fusion in these pieces. Nicely done!"

"Wow I viewed all your works.... SOooo nice!!"

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