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Michael Antkowiak  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Michael

My paintings address the art-historical notion of “”the gaze”” and its relationship to the contemporary world of mass media. I begin with a process of photo-documenting my subjects within their domestic environment, or appropriating exhibitionist imagery from the Internet and cinema, placing myself as the voyeur and exploring the power dynamics inherent in the act. By emulating the optical and formal qualities of digital and analog photography, such as distortions and abstractions produced by the mechanical lens, I am interested in producing an ambiguity in narrative and the relationship between viewer and subject.

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"I like the color choices in your work. The warm tones and use of contrast add depth and intrigue. What an interesting choice to use seemingly everyday environments to create new works which incorporate ??the gaze? as you mentioned.- Lorne"

"The artwork is OK. The artist's statement makes me want to hurl."

"Very haunting, makes me uncomfortable. Which is a good thing :-)"

"Appreciate the way that Michael Antkowiak's paintings are put together, and the way that the artist talks about his techniques of combining contemporary ways(photography both digital/analog; internet images) with an art form so ancient as painting.Enjoy the dramatic deep colors in the top painting of the person's head. That the head of the person is horizontal and not looking directly at (rather than an expected portrait type face staring directly at us )makes it even more dramatic.It is mysterious- what is that person thinking about and what could he be looking at? Both of the featured paintings are wonderful! Michael Antkowiak, thank you! Your paintings are beautiful, exciting and moving.Atrist a day-Thank you for showcasing this painter.Brilliant!Now am inspiried to try my hand a a little painting myself."

"The bottom piece is my favorite. It is melancholy and peaceful; almost emulating the emotion felt during a step of the grieving process -acceptance of the death of a lover."

"Like the use of under-painting in these works, Especially the strong colors."

"no doubt the work is beautiful and has depth. I feel the statement sounds pretentious. Maybe the works should just speak for themselves"

"Pretty good, but not my taste."

"Amazing work!!! Love it."

"love renoir quality soft warm tones of womenties,,,,, somewhat suttle tones, are you doing this all through computer chip, any oils used, need help with my art business going through horrid divorce as a single mom, need to advertise my art on internet,,,,do i need a chip, website where do i start??to sell originals , t=shirts, wall decor,,,as well as jewelry, and nick nacks,, i think i can go big or go home if i do it the right way???life art coach , needed???please respond desperate with champagne taste in o,c with exquuisite taste and impeccable marketing skills,,, starving artiste in Ocean city M & M beach service,,,peace"

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