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Ryan Wallace  Brooklyn, NY

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About Ryan

Born in New York in 1977 Ryan Wallace now lives and works in Brooklyn. Inspired by the crackpot as well as the genius, Ryan creates atmospheric work that draws influence from physics, cognitive sciences and ideas such as the Omega Point or Singularity. Embracing ambiguity with a simultaneous sense of assembly and disintegration Ryan Wallace’s multi-faceted practice truly cultivates a sensuality of surface, texture and tone.

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Matt Wyatt

Founder/President of Rochester MFA

"I love work that is atmospheric and without border. Ryan’s combination of material, color, and texture sort of mystifies me and I can’t help but want to pull it apart layer by layer to see what he’s doing. That’s when you know its good."

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"So cool??I like it."

"don't really understnd the concept of either works or what the artist was trying to do when creating these"

"I curated this show that is up in New York through early august. Please check it out if you find yourself in Chelsea this summer."

"I like these, the "sensuality of surface, texture and tone" is what I go for. I don't get where "physics, cognitive sciences and ... the Omega Point or Singularity" play in. Definitely seeing the "assembly and disintegration" part and liking it."

"were u inspired by the barcode?"

"Gorgeous color & interesting textures -- couldn't keep my eyes off of it!"

"Interesting images."

"they are paintings"

"I wish there was a place where the artist says what media is used to create their works without having to go to their site. Hard to tell how this is done..."

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