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Pedro Matos  Lisbon, Portugal

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About Pedro

Matos is equally interested in representing the abandoned surfaces often found in the run down urban areas where his subjects live. While his work is influenced by the works of the old masters, the subjecst which once were religious figures are now ‘downtrodden, unnoticed, unappreciated and forgotten.’

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"i work with the homeless. the pathos in these works is profoundly moving without being patronizing. to be able to create is a gift. to be able to receive a gift is to be human. it is the shame of our country to not yet be able to receive"

"Truly beautiful portraiture"

"I am in awe of this work. I constantly search through and review many works on this site but keep finding my way back to this particular page. I love the juxtaposition and the rawless of these images. - mhuerta -"

"I actually got chills when looking at this"

"i just love that little crown :)"

"The use of his colors are amazingsomething tells me I've seen it before though."

"the warmth,gentle,and beauty in the homeless mans eyes I can see how the artist is taken by the beauty The gift that comes from within is a god given one thanks for sharing this The poor are rich and have treasures we all can learn from"

"Great work, let us see more please"

"When will artists stop using Basquiat's crown and come up with their own icon?"

"VERY good! feeling is shown on every inch of these paintings. Almost . . . depression. Very well done!"

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