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Michael Azgour  San Francisco, CA

Oil on canvas
'Lexington Avenue'
Oil on canvas

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About Michael

Michael Azgour specializes in abstract-figurative painting. He received his M.F.A. degree in Studio Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Azgour’s recent paintings focus on geometric abstractions of the figure and environment, where distortions in form and perspective are combined with representational modes of painting. Issues of space, light and movement always permeate his compositions, which depict a balance between reality and the abstract in order to address the subconscious. The female form serves as a major inspiration in his paintings which are highly informed by photography, design and psychology.

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pic a; anticipating active romance at the other end
pic b; balancing the muscular system to become uniformly strong

Love your work!

1. the floor emulates the the sky theres hope for water at her back/side its like shes looking back as if she just crawled through to escape the great salt flats. 2. i find the orangish yellowish ocherish blocks puzzling, i want to say Boats yet at the same time razors or street cones. is this done on porpouse? maybe it would be nice to see more of them on the beach. 3. yet the do surve a porpouse too this is to separate the gauky sky reflection at her feet the painting is unresolved.i have the same problem, keep it up youll find your way

these are superb "snapshots"
of the masterful oeurve known
(go to the website)

VERY nice!!

very good i love your work.

I want this painting...It speaks to me on such a deep level. How can I have it?

Interesting works and concepts.

So cool, love the art work.

i like the tone of the color you doesnot disturb my eye and thoughts it rather make me feel silence and pease.

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