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Nicholas Bohac  San Francisco, CA

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About Nicholas

My work for the last few years has grown from wanting to create paintings that address where the landscape ends and where humanity begins. I blend acrylic paint, silkscreen prints and other materials together in compositions that address everything from how we gather resources to how we alter the earth. These works are both about how we have already impacted our surroundings as well as how we are continuing to affect where we live.

People have been living on this planet and addressing the landscape in various ways for thousands of years now. I’m not making paintings about a post human landscape, but instead I’m making paintings about a human impacted landscape.
Specifically, the work is about how we control nature and how nature, in turn, controls us.

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"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; diffusion of engineering design to natural environmentpic b; strong ideologies are built by aligning small,soft concepts to flow along as a uniform body."

"Beautiful images, very striking!"

"If you are in SF and want to see these pieces in person check out Nicholas's work at HANG ART 567 Sutter Street June 1-15, 2010"

"Notice there are very few cool colors but many hot colors which represent the destruction which has taken place upon our natural earth. The towers have taken the place of green trees,the blue sky is replaced with red and green defining pollution in our sky.The land is barren and the waters are controlled and drying up. you can't keep taking and taking away without putting back, as without nature we are nothing.If humans don't stop doing what they are doing, Mother nature will get her revenge. Nice Job!"

"I like these pieces of artwork because one has a big use of cool colors with a huge use of color scheme. The other is the same. I like mhow he shows the elements of nature destroying man made things along wit how man has changed the world."

"This is kick ass! I love how colorful it is. With all the different mediums you used here, there is still such a great cohesion between them but each one is so vivid individually as well. :) keep it up! :)"

"This kicks ass! I love the colors and the way you made all of the different mediums seem so cohesive and still each powerful on their own! :)"

"i love the use of all the colors. congratz"

"I love your Pictures there just amazing"

"Very sophisticated collage. I like it, deserves a second , and third look!"

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