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Aaron Morgan Brown  Selinsgrove, PA

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About Aaron Morgan

My paintings are pictorial orchestrations, views of a parallel interior universe that are sewn together from daily observations, memories, impressions of the world at large, and my imagination. They are both a prismatic lens through which I can re-view the world, and a transcription of what I encounter there.

Although there is a narrative structure to these paintings that implies a theatre of the mind, I’m not a “storyteller” per se. I’m attracted to the evocative aspects of an image, its power to suggest something beyond appearances.

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"Pretty colors! But what does it all mean?"

"Hello Aaron! Your art is lovely and haunting at the same time. Your sense of humor is spot on and I love the juxtaposition of the images you make. The detail is enormous in scope! I would love one of your works. Maybe one day when I am good enough we can make a trade! God bless you and yours!!grace and peace Shannon"

"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; reflections of an escape from catastrophe to comfort and warm companionship.pic b; the glory and comfort of old age is a product of fulfilling little dreams and getting out,with yourself, successfully from youthful exuberance.[THIS IS A WONDERFUL ARTWORK]"

"the sight and vision combined~the material existence and depth of heart feelings are so subtly mixed and beautifully presented!excellent work."

"whats up with the fire?"


"thought provoking"

"I love the Content of this painting and the Iconography! I see this painting to represent night and day in regards to what happens in our own little world, until we step out the door.I'm trying to figure out how the Indian girl relates to the Indian woman in the background picture, maybe her great grandmother? and how the portrait on the wall relates to the older women in the room. Could this be one of their own mothers? I could spend hours trying to figure this one out! Nice Job!!"

"These are fantastic! Your style is beautiful and crisp. And your subject matter is eerie and haunting. Love it!"

"I would like theese paintingsin my house!! love them."

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