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Signe Grushovenko  LaGrange, GA

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About Signe

Posed photographs of groups of people’families, classmates, workers, and friends’have been the major source of images for my paintings for some time.

Past the purely visual, the pictures have a tremendous emotional content. People sit or stand, usually tensed, concentrating on projecting the best of themselves. They look straight out at you. My photos are from as far back as the youth of my great-great grandparents, and from as far away as the former Soviet Union. They are cherished keepsakes of my family and discarded memories found at yard sales, flea markets, and in abandoned homes. No matter from what generation or country, be they of ancestors, strangers, or friends, the pictures describe the same complex relationships, the same sense of pride.

I am an avid admirer of the American artists Romare Bearden, Jim Dine, Alex Katz, Fairfield Porter, and Milton Avery. I strive through my own paintings to capture what is, in my opinion, so special about theirs…the sublime balance between the emotionality of the subject and the abstract nature of their surface, color, line, and brushwork.

Recently, my works have been focused mainly on images of the South. Having been born in Michigan and coming to the small town South as a young child, I developed a fascination with its history perhaps natural to a ‘transplanted Yankee”. The photos I have discovered of early life in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana, and their other neighbor states all contain the same quality that never fails to touch me”¦the triumph of strength over adversity.

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"99% sure that painting is from a picture of my mother and her four sisters that I sent Signe a few years back. Taken in Houston, TX in the 1950s. He did 4 other paintings that we purchased for my parents' home. Amazing work!"

"Does anyone know anything about a painting made by Signe A, its a painting of some bananas, a vase, bowl and a flowerpot."

"Love this, Signe.Great feed back messages.The more cryptic the critiques, it is obvious that the viewer is stirred, moved to respond. Great going again!"

"These are wonderful, love the emotion that they evoke,love the way the blank faces say more than any expression could.Beautiful and interesting"

"Signe's art has a fresh and simple attitude - yet the complexity of the images leaves you coming back for more. Her work stirs my soul. I agree with the previous comment - I find her work gripping."

"As a graphic designer, I often look for the underlying structure in a painting. I was amused to notice right off that the hems of all the girls' dresses are the same distance from the ground, no matter the girl's height. Wonderful color!"

"I like the use of colors. I don't mind no faces, this artist has his own style and it's nice."

"I really, really love these pieces."

"Great to see your work on google's home page, Signe!! Great being neighbors at the Dogwwod Festival! Hope to see you soon!"

"This looks like a photo of myfamily in 1953, I was born in 1941so I remember the little white glovesquite well, I love this work!"

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