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Jackie Brown  Bath, ME

'Mutated growth'

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About Jackie

Jackie Brown is an artist based in Bath, ME. She earned a BA from Hamilton College and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jackie explains her work by saying, “My work stems from an interest in nature, science, and living systems and I believe whole-heartedly in arts capacity to enrich the way we see, experience, and understand the world around us. My primary focus is sculpture installation and I invite viewers into imagined biological systems where it can often be hard to tell if the forms are healthy or harmful growths. An important undercurrent is an interest in the human manipulation of living systems, particularly advances in bioengineering and experiments that involve combining or altering the basic components of nature. I see this frontier as fraught with both exciting and unsettling possibilities and while each work is imaginative, I hope to encourage viewers to consider the shifting nature of the world around them.”

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"Your art is beautiful thinking outside of the box as you do is refreshing and an robustly rewarding achievement."

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