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Alex Lukas  Philadelphia, PA

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About Alex

Alex Lukas was born in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in nearby Cambridge. With a wide range of artistic influences, Lukas creates both highly detailed drawings and intricate Xeroxed ‘zines, comics and booklets. Lukas’ imprint, Cantab Publishing, has released over 30 small books and ‘zines since its inception in 2001. Lukas’ drawings have been exhibited in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Stockholm and Copenhagen as well as in the pages of Swindle Quarterly, Dwell Magazine, Proximity Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Village Voice, Philadelphia Weekly and The New York Times Book Review. He has contributed writings to Apenest, Juxtapoz, Providence’s The Agenda Newspaper and Swindle, and has lectured at the Philadelphia Print Center, The University of Richmond and the Megawords Storefront. Lukas is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and now lives in Philadelphia, where he is a member of the artist collective Space 1026.

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Scott Listfield

Somerville, MA artist

"Alex Lukas also crafts haunting pictures of our future, although there’s a quietness to his landscapes I really like. It’s hard not to assume they take place long after we’ve disappeared, but they seem like places you’d want to visit anyways."

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"awesome. really incredible."

"Nice job with the watercolor. Has meaning here, which to me is not necessarily doom, but that we are forgetting who came first, the planet or the senseless people on it?"

"I don't know what everyone is getting so upset about. Humans have been polluting this planet since we were put here. I don't think the artist is being prophetic. I think it's realism. This is what we live in and we don't care. We just drive by it without even the slightest urge to fix clean it up. I don't feel doom when I look at these. I feel the artist representing human waste and apathy...always a current event."

"awesome i love it!"

"His work is great. I love the way it looks so casual and realistic. Wonderful work. The backgrounds are magnificent. LOVE IT!! keep on going!:)"

"cool pics"

"this reminds me of the book The Road."


"Nice art and a very profound statement on how destructive mandkind has become to mother earth!"

"wow..i really like this. i use the contrast of b&w and color in the paintings i do and absolutely love it. as far as the statement he's making, maybe it's not necessarily that our world is doomed to hell..maybe the bleak grey background represents the past and the color the present?"

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