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Sharon Dowell  Charlotte, NC

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About Sharon

I do not view my work as stark images or objects, but as an amalgamation of hues and shapes that may change at any second, mimicking life itself. I explore the construct of texture, and how it fades my subject to a memory or an emotion. I enjoy the subtlety of overlaying images and complex sensations.

I am interested in the documentation of memory and place. I strive to find beauty in often overlooked structures and spaces. I incorporate the energy, the tension, and the emotions felt in the environment, from that instant when my feet were planted on the street, in a field, or on the edge of a balcony. At times, commentaries on the changing environment and political or social references surface in the work. The moving of shapes becomes an intellectual voyage as I articulate impressions of my surroundings.

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"Sharon's work truly makes you aware of your surroundings - she makes you "LOOK" as you walk - RABIN"

"MY SLIGHT REVIEWpic a; phasing a challenge of wear and tear.pic b; a mechanism of balance within a building construction."

"marvolously mathmatic; strikingly graphic; hints of fractal imagery."

"Quite a bit of movement and shape in these."

"the art is very cool and resembles somthing but I don't know what."

"These paintings have such unique perspective...the feeling of being outside and inside the paintings at the same time. How very cool!"

"Awesome imagery, and your sensitive use of color adds a powerful quality to your work. Dyan is right--energizing!"

"This is very cool. There is a lot of depth in the imagery, and the art is very abstract. I love it."

"tha awsome"

"Energizing to view these paintings. Thanks"

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