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Ben Pond  Eagle, CO

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About Ben

My current artwork is inspired by the moving image. The constant stream of visual stimulation provided by film, television and digital media serves as my subject. The works I create are records of my capacity to perceive such stimulus, a practice of receiving and understanding sensory information in a continuous state of change. I seek to discover and describe hidden aspects of the moving image, building layers of visual information as time and narrative unfold. I search not for stillness, but rather the presence of tranquility amidst the mess.

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"Duh! Went to his web site and found out what I wanted to know. I really would like to see his work up close. Perhaps sometime soon ..."

"I would like to know more about the medium used, size of work, etc. It's very beautiful."

"pic a; dunes and debriespic b; shades to cover a pattern of stimulation"

"Interesting tension achieved through the contrast of the 2-d "scratched" effect and the dense 3-d cloud effect. It shows line liberated from the slavery of having to define form; that Pollock pioneered. It's style is similar to the taut masterpieces of minimal abstraction; the last highpoint before the art world degenerated into the faddish, conceptual, post-modern, "not-art" garbage that is seen in many cultural palaces today."

"looks great."

"Quite beautiful."

"Wow. 14 Days of Winter on his artist site is fantastic."

"Looks like a map of downtown LA...that's the movement......hmmmm"

"I find the first piece soothing. Maybe the artist has made sense of all that stimuli"

"Great combinations of movement, intuition, and chance. I really like the construction and depth."

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