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Francois Chartier  Montreal, QC, Canada

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About Francois

After evolving in the advertising world for over 25 years as an art director and an illustrator I felt the need to pursue in greater depth my own artistic journey. Painting was the only logical direction I could take as my experience, personal taste, longings and training, had prepared me for this path.

Since realism has always been of tremendous interest to me it was natural that this was the direction my art should take. Although my paintings are realistic my goal is to create, through the layering of mediums and the play of the brush, the illusion of depth and sense of presence beyond what is found in photographs.

My choice of painting subject is usually dictated by the rhythm, shape, color, light and shadow I obtain by staging objects, flowers or people together. The themes of many of my paintings explore the relationship of light with reflective and transparent surfaces, as they echo my journey to understand these qualities and convey my sense of wonder and intrigue over them. I aim to tell a story that expresses my unique vision, to create an image that first moves me and hopefully moves the viewer.

I am drawn to painting large scale works where my subjects, always painted bigger then life size, are given room to seize the viewer and where life’s smaller details are revealed in their beauty and simplicity. Because of the large scale and the amount of detail involved in each painting, it is very important that I am at peace with the subject before I dedicate hours of painstaking work to execute it. Although this means that my artistic output is reduced my goal is to insure that every painting is of outmost quality and accurately captures my vision.

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"pic a; a perception that reflects the individuality in natural distribution of intellect.pic b; human bridge to the margin between science and art"

"audry flack,well done."

"I really love your artwork so smart,bright andvery well done. Also i love your easel,lookshomemade if so might i ask for schmatic and ifso how much? If not weredid you get it. Thank You"

"Nice work, love the color. Its a shame you can see him in the reflection though."

""the images float without attitude. " ..wah wah blah..2 seconds to slag something off, probably someone with just a creative edge for words and extremely jealous of your talent. Brilliant work, keep it up! .....amazed by your work, i am :)"

"Makes me feel like a kid in a Candy Store. Wanna jump right in. Nice Job!"


"i love it but i hate it at the same time. soooo colorful @.@"

"That little boy has a pretty large rocket!"

"I love your work, so colorful and happy. can i copy your pics for my personal use on my screensaver? i to am an artist and work in many differnt mediums, but use a lot of color like you do. thank you for your work"

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