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Jarod Charzewski  Charleston, SC

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About Jarod

My art examines landscapes and people, man-made structures among nature, the sometimes static, often fluid designs that rise from dual environments. I harness childhood sensibilities: sights and smells, sounds, memories, feelings of rural surroundings and urban streets. I fuel my art with visuals of seasons, Prairie landscapes and recreate aesthetics that investigate mankind’s evolving influence. Artistically I try to capture the essence of mist in the Carmanah Valley rainforest, the dust of the Canadian prairies, and in turn release an ephemeral sensation of site-specific experiences.

Space motivates my concept. The visual characteristics of bridges and railroad tracks, tunnels, urban communities at large, cast against the strength of natural landscapes, reflect the relationship between viewer and the work. I enhance this relationship through accessible installations, monuments to nature, to man, to our cohabitation. The art reveals the mystery of individual perceptions and develops a platform where ideas gain scope. The art conducts experiments. It approaches common occurrences, heeds disparate interests, and injects personal stance. I express these experiments through multi-media sculpture. I use interpretation. I use light, acoustics, and kinetic energy.

Everything needs space. My work reflects nature’s response to man, and mankind’s impact on landscapes. The result is a lens through which to see our world.

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"that's awesome"

"EXTRAORDINARY!!!i see that you must have been told "never air your dirty laundry".....maybe you can experiment with that diameter in the may free some of your chakra(s).thank you.PEACE!"

"WOWWWWAHHH that is so cool"

"so innovative. awesome!"

""it looks cool, but its just clothes"you can just as easily say it looks cool but its just paint."

"anything and everything is art Marcel Duchamp proved this in 1917. this is beautiful. learn to visualize,"

"i like it"

"it looks cool, but it's just clothes. :/"

"I enjoy this artwork, especially for its lesson in geology. And I also enjoy the philosophical banter that it has inspired. I agree, Herb, that art is more complicated than whatever an artist says, but I also think this piece is far more involved than a pile of blankets. To different people, this work means different people. For Tina, it is a reminder of domestic chores. For me with my compulsion to fold and arrange things, this is quite a masterpiece, a joy to behold."

"Of course its art! This artist took something (in this case clothing) and made a set of creative choices as to how to display/transform it. Clothing's role as something we need does not exclude it as a possible material to manipulate into something interesting. Wouldn't laundry be more fun to do if we turned it into play!One man's T shirt is another man's "paint.""

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